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Hybrid optical table vibration isolation system
  • Overview +

    TOOL-Base is an advanced active piezoelectric floor vibration cancellation platform for ultra precision instruments and machinery.

    High precision tools and instruments that are sensitive to low frequency floor vibration can now be installed in harsh environments when supported by TOOL-Base. With a wide bandwidth of active vibration cancellation, and hard-mount design, it is ideal for any floor-mounted tool in a lab, factory, hospital or other noisy room.

    TOOL-Base is not limited to a single configuration, and instead can be designed to closely match the tool’s dimensions, leg layout, and height requirements. In addition, it can be capacity-matched to the mass of the payload.

  • The TOOL-Base Advantage +

    Hard-Mount Technology – TOOL-Base is ideal for tools with internal pneumatic vibration control systems, providing a stable and stiff platform to support vibration sensitive tools.

    Active Inertial Vibration Cancellation – TOOL-Base uses high sensitivity, low frequency inertial velocity sensors to achieve high levels of vibration attenuation, even on quiet floors.

    Serial Design with Piezoelectric Technology – The unique serial design and proprietary high-force piezoelectric technology results in a wide active bandwidth starting at 0.6 Hz and unmatched inertial active vibration cancellation with 90% reduction starting at 2 Hz.

    Configuration Flexibility – TOOL-Base’s configuration can be adjusted to best accommodate the tool’s dimensions and weight.

  • Performance +

    1800 lbs (818 kg) payload tested with simulated vibration at VC-C (500 μin./s, 12.5 μm/s RMS)

  • Application Photos +

    Sterling Optoform 40 supported by TOOL-Base

    Sterling Optoform 40 ophthalmic lathe isolated by TOOL-Base

  • To Order +

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