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Vibration cancellation system for moving stage semiconductor tools
  • Overview +

    TMC continues to apply advancing technology to develop new solutions to the challenging demands that semiconductor tools place on their vibration isolation systems. Stage-Base 450 is specifically designed to be the primary vibration cancellation system for advanced semiconductor tools which incorporate high-precision motorized X-Y stages. While such tools require extremely efficient vibration cancellation, just as critical, they require that payload motion induced by the stage settle very quickly to maximize tool throughput. With the addition of VCM with feed-forward control for even faster settling time to further increase throughput, the result is the most advanced Active Vibration and Motion Cancellation system for moving stage applications.

    U.S. Patent 10,184,539 

  • The Stage-Base Advantage +

    Stage-Base 450 is the next generation in active hard-mount piezoelectric vibration cancellation integrating voice coil technology. Only TMC can offer this unique serial-type technology for advanced low frequency vibration cancellation with voice coil motors (VCM) for aggressive moving-stage motion cancellation.

    The Stage-Base 450 next generation active control system incorporates TMC's STACIS technology to achieve extreme vibration cancellation using piezoelectric actuators and a stiff suspension in a serial-type architecture. This results in floor vibration isolation starting at 0.6Hz unmatched in the industry with significantly less initial deflection in response to stage forces.

  • Specifications +

    • Incorporates unique STACIS® technology
    • Employs high-force, extended stroke piezoelectric actuators
    • Position repeatability of payload to within microns
    • Frame-mountable design
    • 6 active degrees-of-freedom
    • Optional feedforward and/or feedback with VCM
    • Active vibration isolation starting at 0.6Hz
    • Fast settling time in response to stage motion
    • No soft air suspension
    • High speed digital controller with PC-Based Graphical User Interface (GUI) via USB 2.0
    • Simple, robust, and cost-effective
  • Performance +

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  • To Order +

    Contact TMC. An Application Engineer will configure a system for your unique requirements and provide a quotation.