Piezoelectric Active Vibration Cancellation


The STACIS family of active piezoelectric vibration isolation solutions
  • stacis III active piezoelectric vibration isolation system

    Cancels vibrations in real time by continuously measuring floor activity, then expanding and contracting sophisticated piezoelectric actuators to filter out floor motion.

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  • stacis III active piezoelectric vibration isolation system

    Compact low-profile version of STACIS III. Ideal in situations where there is no, or very low, raised floor.

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  • Quiet Island CleanRoom Semiconductor fab isometric
    Quiet Island

    An efficient solution to building vibration affecting large instruments. Replaces a section of a raised floor area with an “Island” anchored to the sub-floor below.

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  • Floor platform with active piezoelectric vibration isolators
    Floor Platform

    TMC’s STACIS Floor Platforms combine our Stainless Steel Platforms with a unique “lifthood” design, our isolators “cradle” the platform allowing the tool to be lifted a minimal distance above the floor. The platform may be custom designed to match the tool footprint or any desired shape.

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  • SEM-Base - the best floor vibration isolation for most SEMs and TEMs
    SEM-Base VI

    An active vibration isolation floor platform designed to support most commercial SEM and similar SEM-type instruments on any lab floor. The ideal solution to fulfil the microscope’s vibration criteria.

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  • Hybrid optical table vibration isolation system

    Hybrid air and piezoelectric vibration isolation optical table support system for the ultimate vibration isolation performance.

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  • Vibration cancellation system for moving stage semiconductor tools

    Specifically designed to be the primary vibration cancellation system for advanced semiconductor tools which incorporate high-precision motorized X-Y stages.

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