Piezoelectric Active Vibration Cancellation


  • stacis III active piezoelectric vibration isolation system

    TMC’s STACIS® III employs advanced inertial vibration sensors, sophisticated control algorithms, and state-of-the-art piezoelectric actuators, STACIS® III cancels vibration in real time by continuously measuring floor activity, then expanding and contracting piezoelectric actuators to filter out floor motion.

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  • Quiet Island CleanRoom Semiconductor fab isometric
    Quiet Island®

    TMC’s Quiet Island™ is an innovative solution that replaces a section of the raised floor area with a “Quiet Island” anchored to the sub-floor below. The Quiet Island™ consists of a special platform combined with a dedicated support structure, the nature of which depends upon the application.

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  • Floor Platform

    TMC’s STACIS Floor Platforms combine our Stainless Steel Platforms with a unique “lifthood” design, our isolators “cradle” the platform allowing the tool to be lifted a minimal distance above the floor. The platform may be custom designed to match the tool footprint or any desired shape.

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  • SEM-Base® VI

    TMC’s SEM-Base® is an active vibration cancellation floor platform designed for use specifically with scanning electron microscopes. Designed to support all commercial SEM or similar SEM-type instruments on any lab floor, SEM-Base® is the ideal solution to bring your lab to within the microscope’s vibration criteria.

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  • lasertable-base

    TMC’s LaserTable-Base™ combines air and STACIS®, into one integrated cancellation system. The upper, pneumatic portion of LaserTable-Base™ is modular and interchangeable. It can incorporate TMC’s Gimbal Piston™ Air Isolators, MaxDamp® Air Isolators, or even rigid, non-isolating supports, depending on the application requirement.

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  • Stage-Base™

    TMC’s Stage-Base™ 450 is specifically designed to be the primary vibration cancellation system for advanced semiconductor tools which incorporate high-precision motorized X-Y stages. With the addition of VCM with feed-forward control for even faster settling time to further increase throughput, the result is the most advanced Active Vibration and Motion Cancellation system for moving stage applications.

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