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High-Capacity CleanBench Accessories and Options

Adjustable Steel Support Bars

Front Support Bar mounts on the table’s front legs. It has a slot in which the shelves mount and is normally ordered with the armrest pads. The bar may be centered along the length of the table or cantilevered to either side, allowing for a wider sliding shelf to suit your application.

Rear Support Bar mounts on the rear table legs and supports the rear end of the sliding shelves. It may also be cantilevered to either side, allowing for a wider sliding shelf.

Both front and rear support bars can be retrofitted.

To Order:

Table Size (DxL) Front Support Bar Rear Support Bar
900 x 1200 mm
35.4 x 47.2 in.
81-401-12 81-402-12
900 x 1500 mm
35.4 x 59.0 in.
81-401-15 81-402-15

high capacity cleanbench hidden casters
Hidden Retractable Casters

The retractable casters are mounted to the base of the table legs. Retrofitting is possible but requires dismantling of the table.

To order a set of four casters: 83-013-01

Adjustable Amrest Pads

Fasten to the front support bar. 

To order for all table sizes:

Armrest pad for front support bar (two recommended) 81-303-01

Laminate Sliding Shelves

Shelves slide freely from side to side and are easily lifted off the support bars. Built-in stops prevent shelves from sliding out of slots. Sliding shelves require front and rear support bars. The subshelf offers additional storage space. It can be mounted beneath the isolated table top and may be retrofitted.

To Order:

 Table Size (DxL) White Sliding Shelf Width  
150 mm
6 in.
250 mm
10 in.
350 mm
14 in.
500 mm
20 in.
900 x 1200 mm
35.4 x 47.2 in.
81-311-03 81-312-03 81-313-03  81-314-03  81-421-01
900 x 1500 mm
35.4 x 59.0 in.
81-311-03 81-312-03  81-313-03 81-314-03  81-421-01

Precision Height Control Valves

Minimize bottled air supply usage, standard TMC height control valves have a small “dead band,” resulting in a height return accuracy of +/- 0.05 in. (+/- 1.3 mm). Precision valves control height to within +/- 0.005 in. but exhaust continuously. Precision valves may be retrofitted to installed tables.

To Order:

Add precision height control valves to a table by adding the letter “P” after the table model number's prefix, e.g. 68P-9012S