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CleanBench Aktiv

CleanBench Aktiv active vibration isolation lab table
  • Overview +

    The CleanBench Aktiv™ lab table is TMC's latest breakthrough in advanced floor vibration control.

    Designed to isolate ultra-precision instruments from building floor vibration down to below 1 Hz, CleanBench Aktiv is ideal for optical microscopes, scanning probe microscopes, interferometers, and other surface metrology instruments.

    It combines TMC's patented Everstill active vibration cancellation technology with our MaxDamp air isolators. While Everstill provides outstanding low frequency vibration cancellation starting at 0.5 to 0.7 Hz, MaxDamp provides aggressive higher frequency isolation. The result is a system that isolates better than even our industry standard CleanBench table across the entire frequency range of interest, 0-50 Hz.

    In the especially critical 1-3 Hz frequency range, CleanBench Aktiv provides up to 32 dB more attenuation vertically and 23 dB more attenuation horizontally than the best air isolation tables (up to a factor of 40 improvement), unprecedented performance in such a compact table.

    Evolving from TMC's STACIS piezoelectric vibration cancellation, Everstill is an active hard-mount that cancels vibration starting below 1 Hz. Specifically designed for maximum low frequency performance. Everstill excels in the critical 1-10 Hz range where precision instruments tend to be the most sensitive. The MaxDamp pneumatic isolators excel at 5 Hz and above, complementing the Everstill performance and achieving a dramatic increase in performance across a wide frequency range.

    CleanBench Aktiv is configured in an ergonomic design, with a kneewell on the long side, a range of tops to select from with either a smooth surface or a grid of tapped holes, either ¼-20 (imperial) or M6 (metric). The 50 mm (2 in.) thick top combines the best features of TMC's CleanTop steel honeycomb with our ultra-stiff, damped, layered platform design. The low profile, high density tops lower the overall floating center of mass ensuring inherent stability, even for relatively top-heavy payloads.

  • The CleanBench Aktiv Advantage +

    • Patented Everstill technology. Serial type active architecture achieves vibration cancellation starting at 0.5 Hz.
    • Hybrid design with two stages of isolation. MaxDamp air isolators supported by Everstill. The performance of the two stages is additive.
    • Advanced vibration sensor technology. Incorporates geophone type velocity sensors for sub-Hz performance. Better low frequency sensitivity than accelerometers.
    • Ease of installation and setup featuring retractable casters and a roll-off crate.
  • Performance +

    CleanBench Aktiv vibration isolation performance
  • Specifications +

    Vibration cancellation type Hybrid active and passive
    Schematic architecture Serial active
    Vibration sensors Geophone type velocity sensors
    Isolation efficiency @ 1 Hz Vertical: 65%
    Horizontal: 15%
    Isolation efficiency @ 5 Hz Vertical: 98.5%
    Horizontal: 99.1%
    Isolation efficiency @ 10 Hz Vertical: 99.5%
    Horizontal: 99.6%
    Vibration isolation bandwidth 0.7-1000 Hz
    Payload capacity 0-580 lbs. (0-263 kg)
    Certifications CE marked
    Top finish Stainless steel
    Frame finish Medium texture black powder coat
    Facilities requirements 80 psi (5.5 bar) compressed air or nitrogen
    100-240 VAC; 50/60 Hz; 500 W power supply
    Power cord US standard
    (alternative plugs can be ordered separately)
    Weight Table alone: 455 lbs. (206 kg)
    Shipping total: 700 lbs. (318 kg)
    CleanBench Aktiv Dimensions
  • Application Photos +

    CleanBench Aktiv table supporting an optical microscope for a life-science research application at Harvard University

    CleanBench Aktiv table supporting an optical microscope for a life-science research application
    (image courtesy of Harvard University)

  • Ordering Information +

    Contact our Sales Team for a quote or to order.

    We are currently working to add the Aktiv table to our Product Configurator for easy ordering.

    Ordering Chart
    Catalog No. Hole Pattern Table Top Dimensions (WxL)
    29-9012S Smooth top (no holes) 900 x 1200 mm
    29-9012E 1/4-20 tapped holes 35.46 x 47.20 in.
    29-9012M M6 tapped holes 900 x 1200 mm
  • User Guide +