Mag-NetX® Active Magnetic Field Cancellation

  • Overview +

    Building upon our advanced control systems engineering and technology to actively sense and cancel building floor vibrations, we now offer Mag-NetX®, an innovative system providing active compensation of magnetic field fluctuations.

    Designed both for point-of-use and OEM applications, Mag-NetX is ideal for scanning and transmission electron microscopes, electron beam lithography systems, ion beam instruments, and any tools that incorporate a charged beam. Combining Mag-NetX with TMC’s advanced vibration isolation systems, we can provide the ultimate control of vibration and magnetic fields.

  • The Mag-NetX® Advantage +

    Analog Controller with Digital interface Analog control of Helmolz-type coils results in more precise real-time cancellation. Digital panel provides simple LCD read-out or PC-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) to the user.

    Flexibility for On-site Tuning Auto-tuning at start up for typical environments and applications, or adjustable on-site tuning for more challenging environments.

    Real-time monitoring Continuous monitoring with measured fields displayed via the PC-based GUI allows for fine tuning even without relying on microscope image. 

  • Specifications +

  • Features +

    • Helmholtz coil pairs for maximum symmetry and uniformity
    • Continuous field cancellation
    • Continuous field monitoring
    • Set and forget operation
    • Several AC and DC cancellation modes available
    • 100x field improvement (typical)
    • Dynamic, 100 µs response
    • Accurate field measurement
    • Graphical User Interface with continuous system monitoring and analysis
    • Optional feedforward compensation of line frequency and harmoni
    • Optional feedforward capability for other inputs
    • Optional custom field creation while suppressing disturbance
    • Easy to assemble stainless steel cage, in-room wall-mount systems also available
  • Performance +

  • Helmholtz Coil Configurations +

    • Column-Mounted Helmholtz Coils
      • Column-mounted Helmholtz Coils are readily adapted to SEM columns but impractical for TEMs.
    • Floor-Mounted Helmholtz Coils
      • Floor-mounted Helmholtz Coils may be used for both SEMs and TEMs.
    • Helmholtz Coils on a Leg Frame
      • Helmholtz Coils may be mounted on a TMC leg frame.
    • Wall-Mounted Helmholtz Coils for Ceiling
      • Wall-mounted coils are a practical alternative to column and floor-mounted coils for TEMS and SEMs installed near the center of a room.
    • Wall-Mounted Helmholtz Coils for floor
      • Wall-mounted coils are a practical alternative to column and floor-mounted coils for TEMS and SEMs installed near the center of a room.
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  • Typical Sensor Mounting +

  • Application Notes +

    • Mag-NetX®

      Before and After Images, Zeiss Auriga FIB-SEM on a SEM-Base® with Mag-NetX®

    • Mag-NetX®

      Bartington Instruments' magnetometers for use in magnetic filed cancellation and custom field creation

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  • To Order +

    Contact TMC: An Application Engineer will configure a system for your unique requirements and provide a quotation.