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Room Environmental Surveys

environmental survey equipment
  • Overview +

    survey setupMany of the most advanced, ultra-precision instrument manufacturers include environmental pass/fail criteria among their installation requirements for their tools. Final installation sites typically must meet stringent requirements for acoustic noise, floor vibration, and/or magnetic fields for such instruments to perform to their specifications. Such is the case for electron microscopes, semiconductor metrology tools, and NMR spectrometers, to name just a few.

    The sources of such "noise" vary and may include road and rail traffic, elevators, construction, nearby human activity, and inadequate building design for a particular tool's requirements. This environmental noise must be measured, analyzed, and compared to the manufacturer's specifications to determine whether the proposed installation site is suitable. If the room is not suitable "as is," then it must be determined whether a vibration, acoustic, or magnetic field cancellation system will mitigate the disturbances back within the manufacturer's specifications.

    TMC has over 30 years of experience measuring, analyzing, and reporting room environmental data. We are expert in the unique requirements of specific tools and maintain our expertise by keeping close contact with the relevant instrument manufacturers. We are familiar with not only the specific tool criteria but often the specific physical size, shape, and mass of the tool. This enables us to design and manufacture an appropriate solution.

  • Options +

    • On-site floor vibration surveys
    • On-site acoustic noise surveys
    • On-site magnetic field surveys
    • Surveys conducted by a certified TMC Applications Engineer
    • Interpretation of the measured data including FFT analysis and comparison to specific tool criteria to determine "go/no go" suitability of the proposed installation site
    • A detailed written report with background, instrumentation, methodology, data analysis, conclusions, and measured data
    • Recommendations for site-specific solutions as appropriate
    • Measurements reported in the same units specified by the equipment manufacturer
    • Post-installation site surveys as part of our certification procedure for new TMC product installations (floor vibration cancellation platforms, acoustic enclosures, and magnetic field cancellation systems).

  • Sample Survey Report +