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Optical Table Support (Leg) Systems

TMC offers a wide variety of leg systems for our CleanTop optical tables and breaboards.

Typically optical tables and breadboards rest on either pneumatic or rigid supports, connected together with tie bars. This is our Micro-g line of support systems.

For extremely sensitive applications, particularly to floor vibrations below 5 Hz, we recommend our active piezoelectric and hybrid solutions - STACIS III and LaserTable-Base.

  • Micro-g leg systems for optical tables and breadboards
    Micro-g Pneumatic and Rigid Legs

    The most common support system for optical tables and breadboards. Choose from a wide range of heights, capacities and vibration isolation capabilities.

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  • lasertable-base

    Hybrid air and piezoelectric vibration isolation optical table support system for the ultimate vibration isolation performance.

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