Optical Table Support Systems

  • System1 vibration isolation systems for optical tables
    4-Post Support Systems

    Choose from Micro-g vibration isolation or rigid support, with or without casters, and from a range of heights and capacities.

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  • System1 vibration isolation optical table support system 6 posts
    6-Post Support Systems

    Tables over 10 ft. (3 m) in length are best supported by a 6-post support system. In addition to the higher weight capacity, the structural characteristics of the top are enhanced by the additional support points

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  • lasertable-base

    Hybrid air and piezoelectric vibration isolation optical table support system for the ultimate vibration isolation performance.

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  • STACIS active piezoelectric vibration cancellation system

    STACIS III cancels vibration in real time by continuously measuring floor activity, then expanding and contracting sophisticated piezoelectric actuators to filter out floor motion.

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  • Free-standing vibration isolation posts for optical tops and optical breadboards
    Free-Standing Posts

    Micro-g free-standing posts are a convenient alternative to posts with tiebars when open access between the posts is necessary.

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