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CleanTop Optical Table Specialty Series

  • ClassOne optical tables for cleanroom applications
    ClassOne 790 Series for Cleanrooms

    ClassOne optical top design is an extension of the original CleanTop adapted for cleanrooms. It is Class 100 cleanroom compatible with an all-stainless steel construction

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  • 710 series non-magnetic optical tables
    Non-Magnetic 710 Series

    CleanTop optical tables with non-magnetic construction. Recommended for applications requiring the support of a high-strength magnet or the maintenance of a homogenous magnetic field

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  • vacuum compatible optical tables
    Vacuum Compatible 730 Series

    Closely correlated with their vacuum compatibility, these tops out-gas extremely small amounts ensuring they do not damage optics. This top was demonstrated to cause less than a 0.1% loss in optical transmission of a test optic.

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