Optical Tops, Breadboards, Supports

  • CleanTop Optical Table performance series
    CleanTop® Optical Top Performance Series

    Industry-leading performance resulting from the highest core density and smallest honeycomb cell area in an all-steel construction. Three performance level and multiple options available.

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  • CleanTop® Optical Top Specialty Series

    • ClassOne™ (790)
    • Non-Magnetic (710)
    • Vacuum Compatible (730)

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  • Joined Tables
    Joining Optical Tops with a Rigid Coupling

    TMC’s Joined Table Systems can be configured with any of our CleanTop® optical tops. Our joiner plate system provides a rigid coupling between sections. A joined table top system is always a match set. The method in which the joint is made, maintains flatness across the two work surfaces.

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  • CleanTop steel optical breadboards
    CleanTop® Optical Breadboards

    CleanTop® steel optical breadboards provide exceptional rigidity and damping for smaller tops. Three performance levels available.

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  • Hybrid Honeycomb Aluminum-Steel breadboard
    Hybrid Honeycomb™ Breadboards

    Hybrid Honeycomb breadboards combine light weight, rigidity and high precision features by utilizing a hybrid aluminum-steel design. Ideal for optical subassemblies in photonics tools and applications including lab automation, drug discovery, lasers, surface metrology, and semiconductor inspection.

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  • Optical Top Support Systems

    • 4 Post with Tiebars
    • 6 Post with Tiebars
    • Free-Standing Post
    • Rigid Damped Tripod

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