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SEM-Closure™ Acoustic Enclosure for SEMs

  • Overview +

    SEM-Closure™ is an acoustic enclosure designed specifically for scanning electron microscopes (SEMs). Together with TMC's SEM-Base™ floor platform and Mag-NetX™ magnetic field cancellation, SEM-Closure™ provides a total environmental solution to protect sensitive SEMs from all outside interference. 

    SEM-Closure is designed to accommodate SEM-Base, an active piezoelectric vibration cancellation floor platform, and Mag-NetX in a sealed and temperature-controlled acoustical chamber – protecting the SEM from vibration, magnetic field disturbances, and acoustic noise. 

    Integration of the three systems ensures proper fit and compatibility. The vibration isolation system can be inside the enclosure itself. Also, the SEM-Closure frame is designed to accommodate Mag-NetX Helmholtz coils as well as the acoustic panels, eliminating the need for a second frame to house the coils. SEM-Closure provides multiple access points, a heat dissipation system, and provisions for tool plumbing and cabling within the system.
  • Features +

    • Main Door
      • Main door is 36" wide allowing full access to front of SEM. 24" side module also includes a door on front side. Several hinged doors allow easy access to any side of the SEM for sample preparation, adjustment of accessories and maintenance. Bi-fold doors on sides and rear help minimize clearance requirements. Optional quarter-panel door for quick and easy access. Model shown is number 30-202-12-24.
    • Top Panel
      • Top panel includes easy-open space-saving hatch door for access to top of SEM. Cam-Lock ensures tight seal.
    • Latches
      • All doors include easy-to-open latches, and tight seal when closed. All panels constructed of TMC proprietary acoustic layering with powder coated steel exterior.
  • Performance +


    This measurement was taken during a non-optimized, factory floor installation without proper mounting of the SEM-Closure to the floor. Even better performance will be achieved in lab floor cleanroom floor installations.

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  • Complete Environmental Solutions +

    Achieve the high resolution and control your microscope was intended for...

    ...don't let your environment limit the return on your TEM investment

    With their extremely high magnifications and resolving power, electron microscopes, both scanning and transmission type, as well as focused ion-beam instruments, can be greatly impacted by their environment. Beam control in these instruments is critical for the highest quality images at high magnifications. Although high power beam instruments are engineered and manufactured to very high standards, their performance is impacted by less than ideal environments. Low frequency floor vibration can limit your resolving power. High AC magnetic fields, or fluctuations in the DC fields can result in unwanted jagged edges in images. Acoustic sound waves can excite a resonance mode in the beam column and further disrupt the control of the beam and spot size, also leading to lower resolving power. All of these environmental problems can slow your research, impact throughput in a production environment, and even lead to very undesirable downtime for the microscope.

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