Micro-g Air Isolators for In-Tool Applications

  • Overview +

    TMC pneumatic vibration isolation systems are the solution of choice for tool designers seeking superior vibration isolation of ultra-precision instruments. TMC now offers our industry standard Gimbal Piston®, MaxDamp®, and UltraDamp™ isolators in a convenient range of capacities, damping levels and leveling versions to suit a wide-range of applications.

    Ideal for OEM applications, these isolators are offered in a modular, interchangeable, and upgradable design. And, to ensure you specify a version that will meet your settling time and isolation requirements, TMC engineers can model your configuration with our “Moving Stage Application Model.”

  • The TMC Advantage +

    Designed specifically for OEM applications 

    Supporting payloads ranging from 90 kg to 8,200 kg (200 to 18,000 lb.)

    Delivers a high level of vibration attenuation, even in quiet environments

    Multiple levels of damping to choose from

    Multiple versions of height control 

    Isolator designs are interchangeable. Easily accommodates changes of requirements without costly tool redesign
  • Specifications and Technical Drawings +

    Four Capacities:  
    – 160 kg (350 lb.) @ 5.50 kPa (80 PSI) Technical Drawing  
    – 450 kg (1000 lb.) @ 5.50 kPa (80 PSI) Technical Drawing   
    – 1150 kg (2500 lb.) @ 5.50 kPa (80 PSI) Technical Drawing   
    – 2600 kg (5700 lb.) @ 5.50 kPa (80 PSI) Technical Drawing

    Three Damping Levels:  
    – Gimbal Piston™ for maximum vibration attenuation    
    – MaxDamp® for high damping of resonance    
    – UltraDamp™ for highest damping of resonance

    Three Leveling Options:

    – Standard Height Control (+/- 2.5 mm, +/- 0.1 in.)  
    – Precision Height Control Valves (+/- 0.25 mm, +/- 0.01 in.)    
    – PEPS® II Non-contact
    – Precision Electronic Positioning System (+/- 0.0025 mm, +/- 0.0001 in.)
  • Performance +

    Three damping levels. Choose maximum vibration attenuation or aggressive damping for applications with moving stages or robotic motion.

  • Application Photos +

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