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UltraDamp™ – Highest Damped Air Vibration Isolation System

  • Overview +

    TMC now offers UltraDamp™, an even more aggressive level of damping. Ideal for payloads with high force, high velocity XY motorized stages requiring fast settling time of the payload. UltraDamp’s extremely high level of damping ensures that the resonant frequency of the air isolators is not amplified by more than 3-5 dB. Ideal for LCD and PVC Inspection and Lithography Tools and other instruments with high force motorized stages.

  • The UltraDamp Advantage +

    Combines the advantages of self-leveling Gimbal Piston™ Air Isolators with extremely aggressive damping

    Ideal for payloads with robotic motion or motorized stages which require both vibration isolation and aggressive settling of payload induced motion

    Faster tool throughput and higher yields

    Horizontal and vertical vibration isolation starting at 4-5 Hz

    Minimal amplification of resonance (3-5 dB) Modular design. Upgradable to Electro-Damp® Active Vibration Cancellation 
  • Performance +

    Compare damping levels between Gimbal Piston®, MaxDamp®, and UltraDamp™

  • How To Order +

    Contact TMC. Many TMC isolators are available with the UltraDamp™ damping level.