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Newsletter - Quarter 3, 2022

In case you missed our Q3 Vibrations newsletter we’ve republished it here in TMC Academy. In this newsletter you can learn more about the topics that are of interest to our customers.

In this edition we are highlighting:

OEM Webinar 

Webinar: Vibration Control for OEMs of Industrial Equipment 

Are you an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)? Do you have vibration challenges associated with your equipment? Learn how TMC works with a variety of OEM customers to design in leading edge vibration control systems to their equipment to ensure peak performance. In this recorded webinar we talk about various vibration solutions that can be used by OEMs and how we work with OEMs starting early in the design process to solve their challenging vibration problems. If you’re manufacturing sensitive equipment for metrology, semiconductor, life science, microscopy, quantum photonics, or many other applications and you are experiencing vibration problems, check out the webinar.
 Vibration Isolation
Options for Optical Tops and Laboratory Benches
 Jake Gimbal Pistons
One of the strengths of TMC is our deep team of vibration control experts. In this first Ask the Expert series, Jake Porrazzo talks about some of the options available for our CleanBench™ series of laboratory tables. Jake explains what applications might use our standard Gimbal Piston® isolation legs vs. applications that might benefit from our MaxDamp® isolation leg option.
 Basov Thumbnail Stacked Vibration Isolation Systems Solve Toughest Problems
Are you involved in Quantum Photonics or Quantum Computing? If you are, you realize the value of a stable work surface for your sensitive experiments. In this case study we talk to Professor Dmitri Basov at Columbia University about his research and the effect vibration was having on his experiments and the innovative solution that TMC provided for him.

Click here to see how TMC solved his vibration problem and allowed him to continue his research.
Active Vibration Control vs. Passive Vibration Control  Active vs. Passible
In another video, Wes Wigglesworth talks about the difference between active and passive vibration control and what applications are best suited for each. In subsequent series of these videos Wes delves into these topics in more detail.

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