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Hitachi S-4800 SEM Performance Before and After Piezoelectric Vibration Isolation

hitachi s-4800 sem

Shown below are “before and after” images obtained by an Hitachi S-4800 Scanning Electron Microscope isolated on a TMC SEM-Base® at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. Images of a pure gold reference sample were taken at 200,000x magnification. In spite of the severe vibration environment (6th floor on a windy day), the SEM-Base yielded resolution within specification. These two images were taken immediately before and after the SEM-Base installation, respectively. No other variables were changed between photographs.

beforeimage hitachi sem with SEM-Base
after image hitachi sem with SEM-Base

Image quality before (left) and after (right) SEM-Base installation. The width of each image represents 200 nm.

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