SEM-Closure™ for Total Environmental Protection of Scanning Electron Microscopes

Monday, July 30, 2012

Peabody, MA, — TMC, a unit of AMETEK Ultra Precision Technologies and a world leader in high-performance vibration control, today introduced SEMClosure™, an acoustic enclosure designed specifically for scanning electron microscopes (SEMs), at Microscopy & Microanalysis 2012 in Phoenix. With the addition of SEM-Closure, TMC now offers customers a total environmental solution to protect sensitive SEMs from all outside interference.

TMC’s STACIS® iX SEM-Base™ active piezoelectric vibration cancellation floor platform cancels vibration at very low frequencies. Its Mag-NetX™ cancels magnetic field interference. SEM-Closure houses the SEM supported by SEM-Base and MagNetX in a sealed and temperature-controlled acoustical chamber, protecting the SEM from vibration, magnetic field disturbances, and acoustic noise.

“With its unique ability to engineer and manufacture all three products, TMC is the right choice for customers who want an all-in-one solution,” says Steve Ryan, Vice President of Marketing for TMC. “We are able to provide this complementary enclosure technology because of our unparalleled understanding of and ability to control building floor vibration and magnetic fluctuations and their impact on sensitive equipment. Many of the same control principles apply.”

TMC has made low-frequency acoustic enclosures for ultra-precision instruments for 20 years, he adds.

System integration of vibration isolation, magnetic field cancellation and acoustic isolation components ensures proper fit and compatibility. The SEM-Closure frame is designed to accommodate Mag-NetX Helmholtz coils as well as the acoustic panels, eliminating the need for a second frame to house the coils.

SEM-Closure provides multiple access points, a heat dissipation system, and provisions for tool plumbing and cabling within the system. The modular architecture of the standard enclosure allows ample space for Mag-NetX, the SEM-Base floor platform and most commercial SEMs with various configurations. Custom enclosure designs also are available.

TMC designs and manufactures precision vibration isolation systems for sensitive research and manufacturing processes worldwide. The ISO 9001:2008- certified company’s products include active and passive vibration isolation systems; optical tops, optical table systems, and breadboards; laboratory tables and table top platforms; floor platforms; magnetic field cancellation and electric field shielding systems; and acoustic enclosures.

TMC is a unit of AMETEK Ultra Precision Technologies, a pioneer in the development of ultra precision measurement instruments and a global leader in ultra precise machine tools and manufacturing systems for the semiconductor, photovoltaic, nanotechnology, military, defense and ophthalmic lens markets.

AMETEK Ultra Precision Technologies is a division of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annual sales of more than $3.0 billion. For more information, contact Steven T. Ryan at Technical Manufacturing Corporation, 15 Centennial Drive, Peabody, MA 01960. Tel: 978-532-6330. Fax: 978-531-8682. E-mail: Website: