TMC's Modular Mag-NetX™ Magnetic Field Cancellation System Offers Easy Installation and Service

Thursday, August 11, 2011

PEABODY, MA – Technical Manufacturing Corporation (TMC) has improved upon the original design of its Mag-NetX™ magnetic field cancellation system to allow for easier installation and service and to make Mag-NetX more adaptable to customers’ changing needs. The stainless steel struts are now modular and interchangeable and available in a variety of lengths to accommodate virtually every commercial SEM. In addition, a new modular corner piece is designed with integrated electronics for easy installation and service. TMC demonstrated Mag-NetX at Microscopy & Microanalysis 2011 in Nashville, Tennessee, in August.

Building on its expertise as a designer and manufacturer of active vibration isolation systems that cancel building floor vibrations, TMC developed Mag-NetX™ to actively compensate for magnetic field fluctuations caused by nearby machinery, elevators, power lines, and other external sources. Such sources can diminish the performance of scanning and transmission electron microscopes, electron beam lithography systems, focused ion beam instruments, and other tools that incorporate a charged beam.

“Ambient floor vibration and magnetic field interference present the same challenge: How to precisely control the focus of a charged beam disturbed by external influences. And often it’s not clear which source is the limiting influence,” said Steve Ryan, TMC vice president, marketing. “Our state-of-the-art precision vibration isolation systems cancel floor vibration. It just makes sense to also offer our customers magnetic field cancellation to provide a complete environmental solution.”

Designed for both point-of-use and OEM applications, the open cube-shaped MagNetX detects magnetic fields and sends out an equal and opposite field to cancel the interference. The system consists of a dedicated controller with automated calibration and self-test features, AC and DC magnetic sensor, and Helmholtz coils in a structural casing. It can be floor-,wall-, or tool-mounted and sized to user-specific requirements. The system is dynamic, continuously monitoring and achieves 35-40 dB of attenuation.

TMC designs and manufactures precision vibration isolation systems for sensitive research and manufacturing processes worldwide. The ISO 9001:2008-certified company’s products include active and passive vibration isolation systems; optical tops, optical table systems, and breadboards; laboratory tables and table top platforms; floor platforms; magnetic field cancellation and electric field shielding systems; and acoustic enclosures.