PEPS® II – TMC’s New Precision Electronic Positioning System For Pneumatic Vibration Isolators Improves Height Control and Settling Time

Friday, July 25, 2008

PEABODY, Massachusetts, –Technical Manufacturing Corporation (TMC) introduced the PEPS® II digital, non-contacting, Precision Electronic Positioning System for pneumatic vibration isolators earlier this month at Semicon West 2008. PEPS II improves isolator height control and settling time, leading to increased yield of semiconductor manufacturing equipment by providing a better, faster, more cost-effective approach to payload position control in response to motorized XY stage motion. PEPS II is also used in precision laboratory environments that demand optimum noise performance and platform stability.

PEPS II improves and builds on TMC’s patented PEPS® technology. With the addition of a new digital controller, PEPS II is easier to use, offers more features, and has an improved user interface. By eliminating the mechanical height control valves and sensing linkage normally found in conventional mechanical height control systems, PEPS II is able to provide better vibration isolation by eliminating vibration paths. Additionally, by eliminating the mechanical linkage, wear is reduced, particulate generation eliminated, and long-term position repeatability optimized. An optional “VX” feature incorporates inertial vibration sensors for active damping of the vertical isolator resonance. PEPS II is compatible with all TMC pneumatic vibration isolation systems including the Gimbal Piston™, CSP® and MaxDamp® air isolators.

TMC designs and manufactures precision vibration isolation systems for sensitive research and manufacturing processes worldwide. The ISO 9001:2000-certified company’s products are industry standards in semiconductor manufacturing, life sciences and photonics and also used in academic, industrial and military research.

Gimbal Piston is a trademark and PEPS, CSP and MaxDamp are registered trademarks of Technical Manufacturing Corporation.

Steve Ryan
Technical Manufacturing Corp.