TMC’s Electro-Damp® II Solves Soft-Stiff Conflict of Semi Tools’ Vibration Isolation Needs

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

PEABODY, Massachusetts,Semiconductor manufacturing tools place conflicting demands on their vibration isolation systems. The system must be “soft” to effectively filter floor vibration from reaching the isolated surface. Simultaneously, it must be “stiff” to more rapidly settle payload motions generated by moving XY stages. Electro-Damp® II, manufactured by Technical Manufacturing Corporation (TMC), solves the conundrum.

“Electro-Damp’s feedforward approach provides the ideal soft response to floor noise and stiff response to stage forces,” said Steve Ryan, TMC vice president of marketing. “It ensures excellent vibration isolation while providing very fast settling time, satisfying the industry’s need for constant improvement in the tool’s throughput, resolution and yield.”

By incorporating the soft Gimbal Piston™ Isolator with linear motors, digital controls, feedforward and feedback damping, Electro-Damp achieves extremely efficient vibration isolation, yet XY stage motion induces minimal displacement of the isolated surface and the payload settles rapidly.

Electro-Damp is specifically designed for use in OEM applications such as microlithography, inspection, and metrology tools. It is available as individual components or integrated into a complete TMC-manufactured, frame-mounted system.

TMC designs and manufactures precision vibration isolation systems for sensitive research and manufacturing processes worldwide. The ISO 9001-certified company’s products are industry standards in semiconductor manufacturing, life sciences and photonics and also used in academic, industrial and military research projects.

Steve Ryan
Technical Manufacturing Corp.