TMC Celebrates 10 Years of STACIS® Active Piezoelectric Vibration Control

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

PEABODY, Massachusetts,Ten years ago the first STACIS® active vibration cancellation system was installed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Today, with hundreds of installations worldwide, Technical Manufacturing Corporation (TMC) Stacis has become the industry standard for isolating the most vibration-sensitive instruments in noisy environments. The advanced Stacis 2100 features all digital controls, improved communications, a user-friendly LCD soft menu, automatic gain adjustment, and easy installation.

Primarily designed to isolate precision microlithography, metrology, and inspection equipment in semiconductor factories, Stacis is hundreds of times stiffer than air isolators and suffers from none of their limitations. There is no soft suspension and, unlike active air systems, Stacis can be "stacked " (placed beneath a tool with an internal active air isolation system).

"The Stacis 2100 is compatible with all internal tool vibration isolation systems and provides the highest level of vibration isolation commercially available, " said Steve Ryan, TMC vice president of marketing. "It also enables older and noisier floors to accommodate state-of-the-art tools. "

Stacis is a six degree-of-freedom active cancellation system employing geophones to sense ambient building floor vibration. Piezoelectric actuators drive the payload with equal and opposite force canceling vibration from 0.6 to 250 Hz. Stacis can be configured either for OEM integration or as a point-of-use vibration isolation system.

TMC is a unique blend of dual core capabilities: unparalleled expertise in precision floor vibration control and a commitment to manufacturing using advanced precision metal fabrication techniques. In addition to Stacis, the ISO-certified company's product line includes Electro-Damp® pneumatic/linear motor-based active vibration isolation systems; CleanTop® II optical tables and breadboards; Gimbal Piston(TM) pneumatic vibration isolation systems; Quiet Island® sub-floor platforms for cleanroom raised floors; state-of-the-art active isolators; laboratory tables; and OEM isolator designs and acoustic enclosures. Standard and custom configurations are available.

Stacis, Electro-Damp, CleanTop and Quiet Island are registered trademarks and Gimbal Piston is a trademark of Technical Manufacturing Corporation.

Steve Ryan
Technical Manufacturing Corp.