TMC announces TechCast™ Ultra-High Stiffness Platforms

Thursday, January 15, 2004

PEABODY, Massachusetts,Technical Manufacturing Corporation (TMC) has introduced TechCast™, an ultra-high-stiffness platform created specifically for scanners and other fab equipment. The platform combines TMC's proprietary laminated steel plate construction with a high-strength resin-aggregate core.

"TechCast™ offers a huge improvement for engineers tasked to install a photolithography scanner”, said Steve Ryan, TMC vice president, marketing. "Our precision manufacturing method assures a technically superior, stiffer, flatter, better damped, and cleaner surface than the concrete slabs typically used." The cleanroom-compatible platform features an all-stainless steel exterior encasing the resin-aggregate and steel core. The top may be drilled and tapped, and custom cut-outs and notches are available.

TechCast™ is pre-engineered in close cooperation with semiconductor equipment manufacturers to ensure spec compliance and utility compatibility. It is guaranteed to meet commercial scanner floor stiffness specifications (upon review of site-specific floor data). In fact, the platforms are designed to exceed the stiffness of the fab floors to which they are typically mounted. With TMC 's complete in-house structural analysis, FEA, and vibration testing capabilities, each platform is designed with an unparalleled understanding of vibration control and sound manufacturing techniques.

Part of TMC's Quiet Island® family of products, the TechCast™'s modular design allows a platform to be combined with TMC stands to accommodate any floor height. In addition, the support stand system is compatible with a variety of sub-floor geometries and "pop-out" patterns and, because the platform is modular, may be moved as fab requirements change resulting in a lower cost-of-ownership.

TMC is a unique blend of dual core capabilities – unparalleled expertise in precision floor vibration control and a commitment to manufacturing using advanced precision metal fabrication techniques. The ISO-certified company’s industry-standard product line includes STACIS® piezoelectric active vibration isolation systems; Electro-Damp® pneumatic/linear motor-based active vibration isolation systems; CleanTop® II optical tables and breadboards; Gimbal Piston™ pneumatic vibration isolation systems; Quiet Island® sub-floor platforms for cleanroom raised floors; state-of-the-art active isolators; laboratory tables; and OEM isolator designs and acoustic enclosures. Standard and custom configurations plus a broad array of accessories are available.

STACIS, Electro-Damp and Quiet Island are registered trademarks and CleanTop, Gimbal Piston, and TechCast™ are trademarks of Technical Manufacturing Corporation.

Steve Ryan
Technical Manufacturing Corp.