TMC Announces DoubleDensity™ Optical Tops

Friday, March 21, 2003

PEABODY, MA,Technical Manufacturing Corporation (TMC) has introduced the CleanTop® II DoubleDensity™ optical top, offering twice the number of tapped holes as TMC's existing CleanTop II optical tops. Doubling the number of holes allows more precise location of positioning equipment and reduces the need for adapter plates used for more sparce hole patterns. "Our new double-density tops combine our existing uniquely small honeycomb cell size [0.50 inch2] with our patented CleanTop II individual sealed hole technology," said Steve Ryan, TMC vice president, marketing. "And because we use our existing honeycomb core design, which is twice the cell density of any of our competitors' products, there are absolutely no changes to any performance specifications."

The double-density top is the latest in TMC's long history of innovations in the optical top industry. Features include: twice the number of tapped holes as conventional one-inch or 25-mm grids (288 holes per foot2, 3,200 holes per m3); twice the number of honeycomb cells (0.50 inch2) as TMC's nearest competitor; the hole pattern is 1/4-20 on one-inch staggered centers or M6 on 25-mm staggered centers; and the core density is unchanged – the highest in the industry at 13.3 pounds per foot3. The double-density pattern is available with all TMC CleanTop II models.

TMC is a unique blend of dual core capabilities – unparalleled expertise in precision floor vibration control and a commitment to manufacturing using advanced precision metal fabrication techniques. The ISO-certified company’s industry-standard product line includes STACIS® piezoelectric active vibration isolation systems; Electro-Damp® pneumatic/linear motor-based active vibration isolation systems; CleanTop® II optical tables and breadboards; Gimbal Piston™ pneumatic vibration isolation systems; Quiet Island® sub-floor platforms for cleanroom raised floors; state-of-the-art active isolators; laboratory tables; and OEM isolator designs and acoustic enclosures. Standard and custom configurations plus a broad array of accessories are available.

STACIS, Electro-Damp and Quiet Island are registered trademarks and CleanTop, DoubleDensity, and Gimbal Piston are trademarks of Technical Manufacturing Corporation.

Steve Ryan
TMC Vice President, Marketing