TMC Announces TableTop ™ A-P Lightweight TableTop™ Isolator

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

PEABODY, Massachusetts,Technical Manufacturing Corporation (TMC) has introduced the TableTop™ A-P, a lightweight, modular vibration isolation system that combines exceptional low-frequency passive isolation with an optional Q-Damp™ active damping module. Its compact design (less than 50 pounds) is portable, and its passive vibration isolation is comparable to TMC's full-size industry standard 63-500 Series high-performance lab table.

The TableTop A-P offers the best vibration isolation solution when sensitive work is performed, such as scanning probe microscopy, bench-top metrology or interferometry, in a noisy, less than optimal work area," said Steve Ryan, TMC vice president, marketing. "It is easily upgradeable to active damping, requiring 10 minutes and a screwdriver." The Q-Damp active damping module significantly improves the performance of the passive system by canceling the resonant amplification of the A-P's air isolator.

The patented TableTop A-P Active-Passive High-Performance Isolation System is compatible with TMC's BenchTop Faraday Cage. The newly designed, 40-inch-tall cage includes a baseplate of reinforced stainless steel that supports the compact A-P. The cage also features a "window-shade" type retracting panel and 2-inch diameter holes for cable passage.

TMC is a unique blend of dual core capabilities – unparalleled expertise in precision floor vibration control and a commitment to manufacturing using advanced precision metal fabrication techniques. The ISO-certified company’s industry-standard product line includes STACIS® piezoelectric active vibration isolation systems; Electro-Damp® pneumatic/linear motor-based active vibration isolation systems; CleanTop® II optical tables and breadboards; Gimbal Piston™ pneumatic vibration isolation systems; Quiet Island® sub-floor platforms for cleanroom raised floors; state-of-the-art active isolators; laboratory tables; and OEM isolator designs and acoustic enclosures. Standard and custom configurations plus a broad array of accessories are available.

STACIS, Electro-Damp and Quiet Island are registered trademarks and TableTop A-P, Q-Damp, CleanTop, and Gimbal Piston are trademarks of Technical Manufacturing Corporation.

Steve Ryan
TMC Vice President, Marketing