TMC Expands Headquarters

Thursday, January 10, 2002

PEABODY, Massachusetts,Technical Manufacturing Corporation (TMC) has begun construction at its Peabody, Mass. headquarters to increase office space, R&D facilities and demonstration rooms. The expansion, to 70,000 square feet, is the result of TMC’s rapid growth over the last few years.

Record demand for the company’s precision vibration isolation systems caused a shortage in available office and laboratory space as TMC increased its staff over the last few years to accommodate its rapid growth. TMC products enable both basic research and cutting-edge industrial applications including semiconductor, electro-optics, and life science.

We’re taking a long-term perspective on the economy,” said Ulf B. Heide, president, Technical Manufacturing Corporation. “As it improves, we will be positioned to move ahead efficiently with ample room to grow. Though some of the industries we serve have slowed, other market segments have experienced growth and the future prospects for our technology and equipment remain very bright.”

The relentless drive in industry toward greater precision has required us to expand our R&D efforts and develop more advanced products to meet our customers’ needs,” said Steve Ryan, TMC vice president, marketing. “Our expanded R&D facilities will give our scientists and engineers the space required to continue to develop the most sophisticated vibration isolation systems commercially available.

The present site was acquired and the original building constructed in 1984. In the last decade TMC expanded both manufacturing and office space. The new addition, scheduled for completion in early 2002, is being built by Connolly Brothers, Inc., Beverly, Massachusetts.

TMC designs and manufactures precision vibration isolation systems for sensitive research and manufacturing processes worldwide. The ISO-certified company’s industry-standard product line includes STACIS® piezoelectric active vibration isolation systems; Electro-Damp® pneumatic/linear motor-based active vibration isolation systems; CleanTop® II optical tables and breadboards; Gimbal Piston™ pneumatic vibration isolation systems; Quiet Island® sub-floor platforms for cleanroom raised floors; state-of-the-art active isolators; laboratory tables; and OEM isolator designs and acoustic enclosures. Standard and custom configurations plus a broad array of accessories are available.

STACIS® ,Quiet Island® and Electro-Damp® are registered trademarks and CleanTop® and Gimbal Piston™ and are trademarks of Technical Manufacturing Corporation.

Steve Ryan
Technical Manufacturing Corp.