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Precision Vibration Isolation Optical Table Tops
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790 Specialty Series
ClassOne™ CleanTop® Optical Top

790 Series Optical Table  
Shown is the 790 Series ClassOne™ CleanTop® Optical Table Top.
It consists of the 790 Series Optical Top on a 4-Post, System 1
Support  System with Gimbal Piston™ Isolators.

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Our 790 Series, ClassOne™ CleanTop® optical top design is an extension of the original CleanTop adapted for cleanrooms. It is Class 100 cleanroom compatible with an all-stainless steel construction. Maximum and standard damping levels are available as well as stainless CleanTop cups, if preferred.

ClassOne, like all TMC CleanTop optical tables, provides the highest core-density and smallest honeycomb cell area available. Individual cups under each tapped hole are airtight, making the top spill-proof. The ClassOne optical table top is available in a full range of standard and custom sizes and two damping levels.

TMC offers a choice of support stands for its clean room-compatible optic  table tops, depending on your application. Choose from rigid support or passive pneumatic air vibration isolation for most applications. For more vibration-sensitive work or noisy environments, a TMC active vibration cancellation system may be required.

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