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Precision Vibration Isolation Optical Table Tops
June 25, 2017
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780 Performance Series
CleanTop® Optical Table Top

  780 Series CleanTop Optical Table Top
Shown is the 780 Performance Series CleanTop® Optical Table Top
on a 4-Post System 1 Support  with Gimbal Piston™ Isolators.

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Our 780 Performance Series CleanTop Optical Table Top is the photonics industry standard for vibration control. CleanTop for optical tables meets or exceeds all current industry standards for structural stiffness and damping. It is recommended for the majority of optical table applications, from pulsed laser experiments to holography and interferometry.

TMC CleanTop Optical Table Top provides the highest core-density and smallest honeycomb cell area in an all-steel construction. Individual nylon cups under each drilled and tapped mounting hole are airtight, making the top spill-proof. CleanTop is available in a full range of standard and custom sizes and three damping levels.

TMC optical tables offer a choice of support stands for its optical tops, depending on your application. Choose from rigid support or passive pneumatic air vibration isolation for most applications. For more optical table vibration-sensitive work or noisy environments, a TMC active vibration cancellation system may be required.

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