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Precision Vibration Isolation Systems
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With Gimbal Piston™ Vibration Isolation

To match an older, existing table height or appearance, some may wish to purchase CleanBench tables with the traditional style,  4 inch thick (100 mm) CleanTop steel honeycomb optical tops. CleanBench tables with these thicker tops are still offered.
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CleanBench™, the next generation of our industry standard 63 series vibration isolation lab tables. CleanBench combines the latest, patent pending, improvements to our table tops with our superior Gimbal Piston™ air vibration isolation system. CleanBench offers more stability, better ergonomics, guided thread lead-ins, and a more compact design. TMC’s industry standard vibration isolation lab tables lead the industry in performance and are ideal for a wide variety of applications including AFM, Confocal Microscopy, IVF, Patch-Clamping, Interferometry, and Metrology.

The CleanBench Advantage

Unique new table top design (patent pending) combines the best
features of TMC's CleanTop® steel honeycomb tops with our
ultra-stiff, damped, layered platform design.

Greater stability, especially for small size tables. The low profile,
high density tops lower the overall floating center-of-mass ensuring
inherently stability, even for relatively top-heavy payloads.

Guided thread lead-ins to align screws with tapped holes. The "bevel"
shape eases engagement of the first thread.

Ergonomics optimized for the seated user by minimizing the thickness
of the table top. Other designs either offer 100 mm, 4 in. thick tops
which awkwardly separate knees and elbows or sacrifice essential
mass by offering a 50 mm, 2 in. thick honeycomb top which does not
have adequate mass for effective vibration isolation, especially for
smaller table sizes.


An easy-to-use, roll-off  option for CleanBench™ Lab Tables that dramatically simplifies table rigging and installation.

See the OnTrak™ Page for more information
CleanBench demo video
CleanBench demo video
CleanBench demo video
CleanBench demo video