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Precision Vibration Isolation Systems
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63-500 Series
Micro-g® Lab Table

Gimbal Piston Isolators

Note: The 63-500 Series Micro-g Lab Table
has been replaced by CleanBench
Shown above is a Micro-g® Lab Table (63-533 ) with CleanTop® Optical Top and accessories.
See a larger image.

TMC’s Micro-g® laboratory tables provide superior vibration control for loads up to 350 pounds (160 kg). With a ferromagnetic stainless steel working surface, this modular vibration isolation table system is recommended for use in such diverse applications as electrophysiology, cell injection, ultramicrotomy, photomicroscopy, scanning probe microscopy, and confocal laser scanning microscopy.

The key element in our 63-500 Series Micro-g lab table and many other TMC vibration isolation tables is our Gimbal Piston™ Air Isolator.  These passive pneumatic air isolators achieve outstanding vertical and horizontal vibration isolation down to very low frequencies and input levels. The Gimbal Piston can also stabilize isolated systems with relatively high centers of mass without compromising vibration isolation.

OnTrak™ Being used to unpack the 63-500 Series Lab Table

NEW! OnTrak™
Easy-to-use, roll-off option that dramatically simplifies table rigging & installation OnTrak™ Page (more info)
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