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Precision Vibration Isolation Systems
June 25, 2017
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STACIS® iX Stage-Base™
Frame Mountable Active Hard-Mount Piezoelectric Vibration Control System

TMC's STACIS iX Stage-Base

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STACIS® iX Stage-Base™ is specifically designed to be built into advanced semiconductor tools which incorporate high precision motorized X-Y stages. Such tools require extremely efficient vibration isolation. But, just as critical, these tools require that payload motion induced by the stage settle very quickly so as not to adversely impact tool throughput.

Stage-Base incorporates TMC’s patented STACIS® technology to achieve extremely efficient active low frequency vibration isolation using piezoelectric actuators and a stiff suspension.
TMC continues to apply advancing technology to develop new solutions to the challenging demands that semiconductor tools place on their vibration isolation systems. Stage-Base provides vibration isolation comparable to our STACIS active piezoelectric vibration cancellation systems but is specifically designed to be the primary isolation system incorporated inside the tool. Stage-Base features extended stroke piezoelectric actuators, fast settling time in response to stage motion, and a hard-mount suspension with no soft air springs. It is available in 6 degrees-of-freedom and starts to isolate well below 1 Hz.

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