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Precision Vibration Isolation Systems
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Active Piezoelectric Vibration Cancellation Floor Platform for Scanning Electron Microscopes
See a larger image of the STACIS iX SEM-Base™

STACIS® iX SEM-Base® active vibration cancellation floor platform system is designed for use with scanning electron microscopes (SEMs). SEMs are among the most vibration sensitive tools made, and these precision instruments typically incorporate an internal vibration isolation system to address problematic vibration from the floor and the SEM frame above 5-10 Hz. SEM-Base is compatible with all internal SEM vibration control systems and aggressively mitigates low frequency floor vibration starting at 0.6 Hz.

SEM-Base is a compact, cost-effective alternative to our 65 Series STACIS® Floor Platform. It incorporates STACIS technology but has a much smaller footprint and installs easily with minimal or no tuning.

With vibration cancellation starting below 1 Hz, SEM-Base features extended stroke piezoelectric actuators and damped, powder-coated steel plates that sandwich four isolators and TMC’s DC 2000 digital controller. The system is only 6.5" tall, measures 35.5" x 44.5", weighs roughly 500 lb., and can support 900 to 2,500 pounds with no soft air suspension.

NOTE: See SEM-Closure™, a total environmental solution designed specifically to protect SEMs. It can accommodate SEM-Base and Mag-NetX™ in a sealed and temperature-controlled acoustical chamber – protecting the SEM from vibration, magnetic field disturbances, and acoustic noise.