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Precision Vibration Isolation Systems
June 25, 2017
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83-500 Series Multi-Purpose Acoustic Enclosure
For Microscopes, AFMs and Other Small Instruments

TMC 83-500 Multi-Purpose Acoustic Enclosure
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TMC has offered custom acoustic enclosures for our equipment maker customers for many years. These enclosures are highly engineered and uniquely suited to the specific tool being isolated.

End-users, however, were placed in a position of having to design their own acoustic enclosures for their unique applications. Given the level of design involved, this was impractical. Demand arose for a standard, off-the-shelf TMC enclosure incorporating many of the features of our custom enclosures with the practicality of a single, multi-purpose design. The 83-500 Series Acoustic Enclosure was designed as this multi-purpose acoustic enclosure.

83-100 with TableTop PZT

 83-500 Series Multi-Purpose Acoustic Enclosure
housing Everstill™
OEM & Custom
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