BenchTop Faraday Cage

  • Overview +

    TMC's BenchTop Faraday Cage offers the same line of 40 in. tall cages with a baseplate which allows the cage to be used on a bench top without a corresponding TMC table. The base of the cage is a reinforced stainless steel plate which can support a compact vibration isolation system, microscope, or other instrument. 
  • Specifications +

    Type II Cage

    • New 2 in. diameter holes for cable passage
    • Optional armrest pads are now available with Faraday Cages
    • Optional "U" shaped hanging shelf
    • Optional non-isolated sliding shelf oriented front-to-rear
    • Full perimeter enclosure required to mount cage

    BenchTop Cage
    • BenchTop Cage includes stainless steel baseplate
    • Bench-mounted cage does not require vibration table
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    • Choose the type of Faraday Cage you require
    • Contact TMC for purchasing and shipping information