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Research, Laboratory and Lightweight Breadboards

The CleanTop® Advantage
Scientific Grade CleanTop Breadboard (78)
Laboratory Grade CleanTop Breadboard (77)

TMC's 78 and 77 Series CleanTop Breadboards provide the ultimate in rigidity and damping for smaller tops. These tops include the same proprietary CleanTop® spill-proof hole technology and small cell, high-density steel honeycomb core as our larger tops.

The 78 Series is available in both 2 and 4 inch (50, 100 mm) thicknesses and features a 3/16 inch (5 mm) thick ferromagnetic stainless steel top skin and a 3/16 inch (5 mm) thick steel bottom skin.

The 77 Series is available in both 2 and 4 inch (50, 100 mm) thicknesses and features a 1/8-inch (3 mm) thick, ferromagnetic, stainless steel top skin and a 1/8-inch (3 mm) thick steel bottom skin.

These tops can be readily designed to meet custom requirements including custom mounting hole patterns, through-holes, special shapes and custom materials. The 78 Series and 77 Series CleanTop® Breadboards are recommended for virtually all demanding breadboard applications.

Lighweight Grade CleanTop Breadboard (75)

TMC's 75 Lightweight Series CleanTop Breadboards minimize both weight and cost. A patented manufacturing technique allows us to form countersunk, tapped holes in a thin top skin of stainless steel. The holes are not drilled or punched, but fabricated in a way that effectively "thickens" the skin in a small ring around the threads. No inserts are used and the tapped holes are three threads deep. These tops have relatively high levels of rigidity, as they utilize our standard steel core. However, with their thin top and bottom skins, they cannot have the rigidity and damping properties of our 78 and 77 CleanTop® Breadboards. They are ideal when light loads are anticipated and low weight and/or cost are the most crucial factors. The weight savings – 50% less than our 78 Series Breadboards – is derived only from the lighter gauge skin thickness of 0.075 inch (2 mm). A full range of sizes and materials is available on a custom basis. Contact TMC for pricing and delivery for custom configurations.   

All steel construction. No particle board sidewalls or plastic layer between top skin and honeycomb core. Assures maximum strength and structural integrity
Smallest core cell size, highest core density. The CleanTop design does not require enlarging the steel honeycomb core cell size because CleanTop cups are cylindrical, not conical as found in plastic layer designs. CleanTop's average cell size of 0.5 in.(2) is at least 50% smaller than that achieved with plastic layer designs assuring the highest stiffness and greatest core-to-skin bonding contact area

Steel to steel to steel. CleanTop achieves a spill-proof core with only two bonding layers: top skin to core and core to bottom skin. Imitations must add a third bonding layer which weakens the structure: top skin to plastic layer, plastic layer to core, and core to bottom skin.

Thermal stability. The CleanTop all steel construction assures materials of identical coefficient of thermal expansion ensuring optimal thermal stability.
 Research Breadboard – 78 Series

 Laboratory Breadboard – 77 Series

Lightweight Breadboard – 75 Series


CleanTopTMC's CleanTop Optical Top is the best method yet for providing a spill-proof, clean, precise, and corrosion resistant optical top with unmatched structural performance. CleanTop is now a standard feature of all TMC optical tops.

Individual CleanTop cups are epoxy-bonded under each tapped hole after it is tapped and cleaned. Cups are made from chemically resistant nylon 6, and stainless steel (304 alloy) cups are available. Holes are now tapped and countersunk prior to adding the cups to allow the machined top sheet to be thoroughly cleaned with open, rather than blind, holes prior to bonding. The top plate is processed through a custom TMC industrial cleaning center where a high pressure, high temperature cleaning solution is forced through each threaded hole, completely clearing any machining or tapping debris. Several rinse and dry cycles ensure an essentially "sterilized" top surface prior to bonding the cups.

CleanTop represents another innovation
in TMC's long optical top tradition of
industry "firsts" including:
• First spill-proof optical top (CleanTop).
• First all-steel optical top.
• First oil-free optical top.
• First honeycomb core registered
  to the tapped hole array.
• First lightweight breadboard with formed
  rather than drilled holes.
• First vacuum compatible optical top.

CleanTop features:
• Liquid spills on the surface are contained and
  cannot reach the top's honeycomb core.
• The core is completely clean and dry with no
  residual thread-cutting oils to out-gas.
• Extremely clean tapped holes make screw
  insertion smooth and simple.
• Easy retrieval of small parts dropped into the
  holes is assured.
• Since no penetration of the core is possible
  when dangerous chemicals
  are used on the top's surface, health hazards
  will not occur by chemicals reaching the
  core unnoticed.

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