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Precision Vibration Isolation Systems
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75 Lightweight Series
CleanTop Breadboard
2 in. (50 mm) Thick
0.075 in. (2 mm) Skin Thickness

780 Series CleanTop Optical Top
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Another in a long line of TMC innovations, our 75 Lightweight Series CleanTop Breadboards minimize both weight and cost. A patented manufacturing technique allows us to form countersunk, tapped holes in a thin top skin of stainless steel. The holes are not drilled or punched, but fabricated in a way that effectively “thickens” the skin in a small ring around the threads. No inserts are used and the tapped holes are three threads deep.

These tops have relatively high levels of rigidity, as they utilize our standard steel core. However, with their thin top and bottom skins, they cannot have the rigidity and damping properties of our 78 and 77 CleanTop® Breadboards. They are ideal when light loads are anticipated and low weight and/or cost are the most crucial factors.

The weight savings – 50% less than our 78 Series Breadboards – is derived only from the lighter gauge skin thickness of 0.075 inch (2 mm).

A full range of sizes and materials is available on a custom basis. Contact TMC for pricing and delivery for custom configurations.