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Options & Accessories for Optical Tops

Breadboard LevelerBreadboard Leveler

As an option on 2 in. (50 mm) thick breadboards with 1/8 in. (3 mm) or 3/16 in. (5 mm) skins, TMC provides a breadboard leveler mechanism. The leveler consists of a threaded sleeve bonded into the top, a bushing leveler, and a locknut. An M6 or 1/4-20 bolt may then be used to fasten the breadboard to another top. The leveler is adjusted and locked with a simple Allen wrench.

How to Order

Specify the number of levelers required at the end of the breadboard model number suffix. For instance, if 4 levelers are desired, 77-119-02 becomes 77-119-024.    


Custom Configurations for Optical Tops

Because we are a complete manufacturing facility, TMC can readily provide custom configurations to meet your special requirements. Some of the more common special requests we have addressed are discussed here.

Special Materials for Optical Tops, Optical TablesTMC Joined Tables
Tables made of any commercially available metallic materials are readily manufactured by TMC. Aluminum, non-ferromagnetic 300 series stainless steel, and thermally stable Super Invar are among the most frequent requests.

Special Through-Holes and Ports for Optical Tops, Optical Tables
Our multiple new 2,000-watt laser machining centers coupled with our capacity to punch, drill, shear, form, and weld steel makes inclusion of custom hole patterns readily available. Common patterns include notches, rectangular through-holes, laser ports, and threaded bosses.

Laser Ports for Optical Tops

LaserPort Diagram
All TMC optical tops can be supplied with a laser port, as noted in the laser port and hole pattern suffix chart.

The laser port is a 1 7/8 in. (47 mm) diameter stainless steel tube running through the table, bonded to the top and bottom skins.

Provisions for mounting a laser shelf underneath the table top are included with this option.


Joined Optical TopsCustom Tables

By welding a precision ground and aligned joiner plate system to the table skins, TMC can provide a rigid coupling between optical tables. In addition to tables coupled end-to-end, we can easily join them in “L” or “T” shapes. (Even relatively small tables are sometimes made in sections to allow rigging in elevators, etc.)

In addition, we can provide configurations with two working heights on one table by coupling tables of  differing thicknesses.

All joined tables are assembled and tested in our factory, shipped separately, and reassembled on site. The tables can, at any time, be separated and supported individually or rejoined.



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