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Laser Shelves for optical tops. optical tables

TMC tables larger than 36 in. x 72 in. (900 x 1800 mm) and supported at least 18 in. (450 mm) above the floor can be fitted with a laser shelf. The shelf consists of an additional undrilled 2 in. (50 mm) thick breadboard attached to the bottom plate of the table. Though such a support system will not match the performance of direct mounting of equipment to the table’s top surface, for less sensitive applications this arrangement can save valuable working space on the top. In some cases, our tiebars may interfere with shelf mounting. Contact us if you are in doubt.

laser shelf Diagram
Laser Shelf for Optical Tops. OpticalTables Ordering Chart
Shelf Model
  Shelf-imperial hardware
  Shelf-metric hardware
600 mm
1200 mm
  Shelf-imperial hardware
  Shelf-metric hardware
600 mm
1800 mm

 Order a complete set or order the breadboard separately.

Earthquake Restraint System for Optical Tops

Earthquake Restraints

TMC’s earthquake restraint bracket system provides increased safety and stability for optical tables in high-risk earthquake areas without affecting table performance.

The TMC earthquake restraint system relies on top brackets and upper tiebars to control motion of the table top and, where severe occurrences are anticipated, floor brackets with lower tiebars to secure the support structure to the floor. Under normal conditions, there is no contact between the top brackets and the support structure, so that performance of the optical top and the vibration isolation system are not affected. Clearances are large and brackets are lightweight, stiff, well-damped, unobtrusive and encapsulated with soft elastomer to provide gradual snubbing.

Our earthquake restraint bracket system can be retrofitted to an installed TMC optical table or specified with a new order.

Inferior, competitive designs may depend on large, pendulum-like structures that hang below the table top and connect to the floor. Since pendulums characteristically have low resonant frequencies, these add-on structures lower the resonant frequency of the table top and degrade compliance and damping. In addition, the floor connection creates a potential rigid coupling between table top and floor, which can compromise vibration isolation if it drifts out of calibration.


How To Order:

To order one floor restraint bracket (no bolts)
No. 83-103-01 (for TMC 11 and 12 Series posts)
No. 83-103-02 (for TMC 13 and 14 Series posts)
No. 83-103-03 (for TMC 63-500 Series posts)

How to Order one top restraint bracket (including 8 bolts)

No. 83-102-01

Floor Restraint Brackets for Optical Tops, Optical Tables

Floor brackets are recommended where quakes are anticipated. They encircle the lower tiebars close to the support posts and bolt to the floor. Four brackets are usually recommended. Since standard TMC post-mount support systems are supplied with only upper tiebars, an additional set of four lower tiebars must be specified for both new and retrofitted orders. Specify both floor brackets and tiebars individually.

Upper and Lower Tiebars for Optical Tops, Optical Tables

Standard post-mount support systems are supplied only with upper tiebars. An additional set of lower tiebars is required when floor restraint brackets are used; or, you may want an additional row of tiebars for extra strength. Tiebars must be specified individually - see ordering chart.

Tiebar for Optical Tops, Optical Tables Ordering Chart:  (including bolts)

Tiebar Length Model No.
in. mm
15 380 83-101-15
20 510 83-101-20
26 660 83-101-26
30 760 83-101-30
35 890 83-101-35
40 1015 83-101-40
50 1270 83-101-50
60 1525 83-101-60
70 1780 83-101-70


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