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May 19, 2017 – TMC introduces UltraDamp™ – Aggressive High-Damping, Air-Vibration Isolation for OEMs
April 10, 2017 – TMC introduces Hybrid Honeycomb™ for Optical Subassemblies in Photonics Tools
October 4, 2016 – AMETEK TMC Names Chao as Technical Manager - Asia
July 24, 2016 – TMC's Everstill™ K-400 Receives Microscopy Today Innovation Award
June 10, 2016 – The Next Generation in Vibration Isolation Lab Tables – An Interview with Kyle Erlandsen
  March 29, 2016 – TMC names Phillip Cho manager of newly established Mid-Atlantic sales office
December 31, 2015 – Everstill™ Active Vibration Cancellation Technology – An Interview with Wes Wigglesworth
October 15, 2015 – TMC Introduces Everstill™ Active Vibration Cancellation Platform
  August 28, 2015 – AMETEK TMC and Precitech Name Nakagiri as Japan Sales Manager
  July 8, 2015 – TMC Introduces STACIS® III Active Vibration Cancellation System
  June 1, 2015 – TMC Introduces CleanBench™ with Gimbal Piston™ Vibration Isolation
  March 2015 – Published in Controlled Environments,
                       Serial vs. Parallel Type Active Systems in Vibration Cancellation Applications
  February 4, 2015 – TMC Introduces Stage-Base™ 450 with voice coil technology
October 5, 2014 – TMC names Steffen Roerentrop as European Sales Manager
June 16, 2014 – TMC's Resource Guide 15 Showcases its expanded line of Vibration Control Systems
August 25, 2013 – TMC names James He Sales Manager, China         
  May 13, 2013TMC'S Resource Guide 13 Features World's Most Advanced Vibration Control Systems
  April 25, 2013 – TMC names Murugesh Thimmanna National Sales Manager, India
March 1, 2013 – TMC names Jon Harman Director of Asian Sales and Marketing
January 2, 2013 – TMC names Norbert Henze Regional Sales Manager, Germany and Austria
December – TMC names Dr. Jin Bereder-Wu as Application & Business Development Manager
                     for newly Established Asian Office
  November –  Precitech's Nanoform 250 Ultra combined with TMC's STACIS increases yield
                     two-fold for optical components manufacturer
July –  SEM-Closure™ for Total Environmental Protection of Scanning Electron Microscopes
July –  TMC Names Sven Frank as Manager of Newly Established European Sales Office
January – Resource Guide 12 Highlights TMC's Precision Vibration Isolation Systems
JanuaryAMETEK Acquires Technical Manufacturing Corporation
August TMC's Modular Mag-NetX™ Magnetic Field Cancellation System Offers Easy Installation and Service
June – Resource Guide 10 Highlights TMC’s New Precision Vibration Isolation Systems
January – TMC’s New STACIS® iX LaserTable-Base™ – Dramatically Improves Vibration Isolation  
                Attainable with Optical Tables
October – TMC’s STACIS® Family of Products – A Solution for a Wide Range of Floor Vibration Problems
July – TMC’s STACIS® iX™ Stage-Base™ [formerly STACIS® FM] – New Frame-Mountable Vibration
          Isolation System Increases Tool Throughput
June – TMC Applauds Completion of Lawrence Livermore’s National Ignition Facility
May – TMC Introduces STACIS® iX SEM-Base™ [formerly STACIS® FP] Active Hard-Mount Vibration
          Cancellation Floor Platform for SEMs
July – PEPS® II – TMC’s New Precision Electronic Positioning System For Pneumatic Vibration Isolators
          Improves Height Control and Settling Time
June – TMC's New TableTop PZT™ - Compact Vibration Cancellation for Small Precision Instruments
May – TMC’s New Optical Top Solves Long-Standing Vacuum Compatibility Problem
March – TMC’s 2008 Catalog Features New Vibration Solutions
August – TMC Introduces Introduces FloorPlatform PZTª Active Hard-Mount Vibration Cancellation for SEMs
July – TMC Introduces Electro-Damp,® PZT at Semicon West - A Breakthrough in Vibration Isolation
          for Semiconductor Tools
May – Demand For TMC's Ultra-Quiet Surfaces Leads to 4th Building Expansion Since 1990
April – New Catalog Highlights Vibration Isolation Systems
July – TMC’s STACIS®: Enabling Nanometer-Scale Lithography Research at SEMATECH
July – TMC’s Electro-Damp® II Solves Soft-Stiff Conflict of Semi Tools’ Vibration Isolation Needs
April – New Vibration Isolation Catalog Available
September – TMC Introduces Mag-NetX™ to Cancel Magnetic Field Interference
July – TMC Celebrates 10 Years of STACIS® Active Piezoelectric Vibration Control
June – Vibration Isolation Systems Catalog Available
July – Acoustic Enclosures and Precision Structures Incorporating TMC's Proprietary Vibration and
          Acoustic Control Techniques
April – Court Rules in Favor of TMC in Patent Infringement Dispute with IDE
February – NIF and TMC Team Up Again. The National Ignition Facility has again chosen TMC for the
                  projects next major phase, building the Preamplifier Module (PAM) optical tops and housings.
January – TMC announces TechCast™ Ultra-High Stiffness Platforms
June – New TMC Catalog Showcases Full Line of Vibration Isolation Solutions
April – TMC Announces TableTop ™ A-P Lightweight TableTop™ Isolator
February – Ultratech Stepper Chooses TMC for Advanced Vibration Control

JanuaryTMC Announces DoubleDensity™ Optical Tops

December – The Exploratorium, San Francisco, uses two TMC 63-500 Series Tables in its exhibit
January – TMC Expands Headquarters


February – Stacis® 3000  Active Piezoelectric Vibration Control System
2000 April – John R. Lee Named South/Southeast Rep for TMC
March – TMC Comes to the Rescue
January – Robert Case Named Western Region Sales Manager
July – TMC introduces Electro-Damp® II and FastDock™ at Semicon West
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